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Days of Our Lives (2021)

Disc 1: Jan 1st - 8th (add $3)
Disc 2: Jan 11th - 19th (add $3)
Disc 3: Jan 21st - 29th (add $3)
Disc 4: Feb 1st - 9th (add $3)
Disc 5: Feb 10th - 17th (add $3)
Disc 6: Feb 18th - 26th (add $3)
Disc 7: Mar 1st - 9th (add $3)
Disc 8: Mar 10th - 19th (add $3)
Disc 9: Mar 22nd - 31st (add $3)
Disc 10: Apr 1st - 9th (add $3)
Disc 11: Apr 12th - 21st (add $3)
Disc 12: Apr 22nd - 30th (add $3)
Disc 13: May 3rd - 11th (add $3)
Add on DVD Cases
DVD Case 1: January Set (add $5)
DVD Case 2: February Set (add $5)
DVD Case 3: March Set (add $5)
DVD Case 4: April Set (add $5)
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Subtitles are available for some episodes for the hearing impaired. They can be turn on/off through your TV/DVD player settings.

DVDs are $3 each. DVD cases are $5 each

*The purchase of a DVD case does not include the discs with it, you must select the disc individually to include it with your purchase.


Episode Quality

Picture is clear, HD quality. Ratings: 10 out of 10 

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