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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where's my order?
    Please be sure you've followed all these steps before involving support from us to find out where your order is: First, check the information provided in your order confirmation email and the FAQ page informing you of how long it takes to process orders. Be sure to base everything on that information, not your assumption of how long it would take. Please wait if it's is still within the suggested time frame. Second, have you checked your order status? Instructions on how to access your account information and order status can be found on the How To page. The link can be found at the top of the FAQ page. (**If you look up the order status and the status says complete, please note, that means the PAYMENT is complete, NOT THE ORDER.) Third, check to see if you received and email from or shipstation. Sometimes these emails get redirected to your junk mail, so check both your inbox and junk mail folder between the current date back to the date you made the order to see if you received one. If you've tried all three and it's been more than 10 business days, feel free to contact us and provide your order number to find out what's going on with your order. Please keep in mind orders take longer to process around sales and holiday times.
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  • How Long is Shipping?
    Orders are shipped via USPS. For orders shipped to addresses in the USA - processing for shipping takes approximately 5 - 10 business days AFTER the order date. It varies based on what's in you order and where it's being shipped. For international Orders - processing and shipping typically takes 2-4 weeks. Timing varies based on what country it is being shipped to as well as what political situations a country is facing that could affect shipments. We can not be held accountable for international customs delays/confiscations. So please know what you are getting into BEFORE making a purchase. If an International order is being held by customs. Buyers must figure out if and why it's being held. There is a 6 month waiting period before an international order can be considered for reshipment. (During sales time and the holiday season, shipping takes longer due to the numerous amounts of orders that come in, so please be patient and understand that shipping is in high volume during sales)
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  • Can I track my purchases?
    When purchasing from this site, buyers are almost always provided with tracking, for FREE. Small orders (5 disc or less can sometimes unintentionally be shipped without tracking), but we try our best to provide for all.
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  • My tracking number isn't working. What should I do?
    If a tracking number has been sent to you, but the post office says it doesn't exist or the online status says says "not found", please review the following information before bringing the concern to Mediafind5's attention. If it's a business day, please make sure 24-48 hours has passed, from the time the tracking number was sent. If it's a weekend, please wait 72 hours before reporting anything. Usually, tracking numbers update online between 9pm and 10pm EST the same day they are shipping. There are certain circumstances where the local post office does not update it electronically, but they'll send it downtown and have the downtown postal service handle the tracking activation. If a package is international, tracking will show that the package has been shipped out, but might not show any updates once it's left New York. If this is the case, you can try looking up the tracking through your country's postal service provider to get further updates. Shipment times vary based on location. If a significant amount of time has passed and you still haven't received your order, feel free to contact us and let us know the situation.
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  • What payment methods are accepted?
    We accept credit or debit card payments (visa, mastercard, etc.) and PayPal. Orders can not be shipped until payments are made. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you start a PayPal payment and the payment process is incomplete, feel free to contact us and we can resend the invoice. Incomplete payments will be put on backorder until the Payment goes through. An email notification will be sent. If the payment is not made within 2 weeks, the order will be cancelled. ***As of March 2020, we no longer accept checks or money orders.
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  • Do DVDs come with cases?
    DVDs come in paper sleeves. (Buyer's who purchase larger qualities of disc [1 lb or more] will have them shipped in dvd spindles) However, buyers can purchase the case art (case included) for an additional $5. Just select the check box that say "include DVD case" Certain movies have case art designed for slim DVD cases, others are designed for full cases. It is already determined, whether the case art is meant for a slim or full size case. Therefore, we cannot switch the case type based on a buyers preference. This is because it affects the weight and thickness of the package. **If you don't see the option for a case, please notify me and I will look into the possibility of a case option for that movie ***Buyers also have the option of downloading the case art and printing it themselves, for a small fee
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  • Are these original studio DVDs?
    ***These items are NOT original studio dvds, they are for personal entertainment, made to order. Disc are region free and comes in paper sleeves & have disc art. All movies are commercial free, unless indicated otherwise in the description. Some movies & shows may contain network ads or CC notifications at the corners of the screen, due to being recorded off a TV. Certain media, such as older episodes of soap operas, may still have commercials.
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  • Order Cancellation Policy
    Buyers can cancel orders if, and only if the order has not been shipped out yet. Please contact us as soon as possible to to see if your order is still able to be cancelled. If you've paid electronically, your order will be refunded. Please note, sometimes refunds can take 3-5 business days. Please allow that time to pass an take holidays into consideration during that process. If it's been 2 weeks or more and you still have not received your refund, then feel free to contact us through the site or by email
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  • What is the policy for returns / refunds?
    If you are unsatisfied with your product, we are willing to negotiate a solution to compensate for your purchase. We do NOT give cash refunds. We do NOT accept returns/exchanges. Products are only eligible for replacements if the problem is at the fault of the seller. If a product is damaged or dis-functioning, please fill out a replacement form - and we will replace it, if it is reported within 30 days of DELIVERY. You will be asked to provide a valid reason for your request so that we can improve our products. This form is only valid for issues caused prior to delivery. Problems caused after delivery are no longer the responsibility of the seller, which is the reason for the 30-day limit. If your form exceeds the 30-day limit or your reason for a replacement is not considered valid, it can potentially be rejected. In certain situations, buyers will be asked to return the damaged/defective item. **[If a replacement is due to an error caused by the buyer (ex. item purchased twice, wrong item selected, wrong address, failure to cancel an order prior to a shipment, or any other incorrect information provided by the buyer) then the request will be rejected.] Send DVDs back without us requesting that you send them, is against the return policy. We do NOT cover return shipping if it's sent back without us requesting it. If we find that the DVD(s) sent back works on our end, that means the issue is not the disc, it's how it's being read by the source. We will work with you resolve the issue, but if sent back without working it out, we cannot guarantee anything since you're going against protocol. We do not provide tracking for replacement shipments. Buyer's are welcome to purchase DVDs in bulk and resell them, however we are not accountable for issues experienced with third party buyer's. We are only deal with those who purchase directly from us. If you have an issue copying/duplicating the DVD, we are not responsible for that type of issue and it does not qualify for a refund or a replacement. ***We try our best to find out the cause of problems with your item. If a buyer is willing to work with us to fix the issue, we will do all we can until the issue is resolved. However, if a buyer just wants the replacement and doesn't want to cooperate towards resolving the issue, then we can reject the replacement request. If the issue persists and you don't work with us towards resolving it, we can no longer assist you due to lack of cooperation. During the holidays and sales times, if the site is busy/overwhelmed with orders, we issue a refund via store credit. A full or partial refund is determined based on the information in the form. For example, answer "DIDN'T TRY" on the question asking did you test it on a computer can potentially lead to a partial refund of store credit instead of a full refund. If you are unable to test it on a computer, please inform us so we can work around it can provide other options. Keep in mind, replacements can take a while because we have to examine and test the item before sending them out, to confirm that they work properly. This process can sometimes take over a month or two particularly around sales times. The winter holiday season can take the longest due to back to back sales considering get orders out is our first priority. Replacements are strictly for video functionality. For international orders, if the cost of the shipping fee is higher than the value of the item itself, a refund will be provided to the buyer via store credit. Shipping fees are NOT included in the refund unless the item being replaced was the only item shipped. Effective 2017, we do not provide replacements for the quality of disc art. Replacements for preference of an item is not covered in this replacement policy (i.e. if disc art/case art gets updated and the new design is preferred over the other or if a case type-slim vs standard is preferred over another). However, case art is replaceable if damaged is done to the art (not the case) during the shipping process. If a case is damaged, that is resolved by refunding (via store credit) for the value of the case only (not the art/ink, etc.) or replacing the physical case, but not the art. A picture is required as proof of damage. Any attempts scam or manipulate the system to get free items will result in your account being blocked. In addition, we will report you to the bank so that your credit/debit account will have you labeled as a fraudulent/risky buyer so other sellers are aware.
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  • International Order Policy
    ATTN International Buyers: All packages, unless otherwise stipulated, once processed, go out via United States Postal Service. Tracking numbers are provided. Unless you register your package, we can only account for tracking in the USA. Outside of USA, buyers must contact their countries postal service to get updates and tracking on the location of their package. If a package arrives in NY or NJ with no further updates, that typically means it is no longer in the USA. Please note: no updates after the package leaves the USA does NOT mean your package is lost. Feel free to use universal tracking websites like to get further tracking outside of the USA. If you have not received your package and there have been no updates for over 30 days and you've contacted your countries customs office, then we can look into alternative options after the 30 days of no updates have passed. Please note that minor adjustments to the shipping rate may be required depending upon the country of shipment and the current shipping rates. The purchaser is responsible for paying any applicable taxes or duties that may apply. We do not calculate or collect taxes or duties from you. It is the purchaser's responsibility to check country and local regulations and policies of the receiving country and abide by those. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to be sure the Customs Department permits the shipment of our products to your country and what the duties or tariffs may be upon delivery. We will not provide a refund on the shipping of the package if you refuse the package or if it is refused by customs due to regulations and taxes or duties. If the package is seized by customs for any reason and the package is not returned to us, we cannot issue a refund. If the package is returned to us for reasons out of the buyers control, a refund can be negotiated, but it will not include the shipping fee. UNDELIVERED INTERNATIONAL ORDERS CANNOT BE REFUNDED UNLESS THE PACKAGE IS REGISTERED. If you would like to secure your purchase by registering it, you can do so by paying a registration fee for the shipment. This purchase will create insurance for your order which will all you to track your package from start to finish. Please contact to discuss registered/insured shipping.
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  • Do the DVDs have closed captions?
    A majority of the DVDs do not. For the few that do, they can be turned on and off, unless it says hard-coded subtitles. Hard-coded subtitles means the film was recorded with the subtitles in it.
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  • What is the policy for sales?
    Whenever there is a sale, buyer must type in the discount code during checkout to get there savings. Only one code can be used at a time. (e.g. rewards points codes cannot be used while using a sale code). Sometimes, discounts do not apply to items that are already on sale (i.e. Bargain Bin and Screener movies). Buyer must make a minimum purchase of $10 for a sale code to activate (unless another amount is listed). If a buyer makes a purchase and the order gets shipped out, the buyer can no longer add or make changes to that order number (ex. you can not add a code or add more movies after shipment. You must create a new order if you want to add additions) Orders that are purchased using discount codes can NOT be adjusted because adjustments automatically deactivate the code, causing your total to become full price. We cannot add discount codes for buyers. If you've submitted and order and want to add a sales or rewards code, you have to cancel the order and reorder it using the code. If an order is too far in the process (e.i. package or shipped) the order cannot be cancelled for this. Orders take longer to process during sales. Due to the high volume of orders and inventory, the processing time could potentially double. To get orders out quicker, we ship sales orders as media mail to eliminate the weighing process during packing. Rewards points are not earned for orders purchased using a discount code. Discount codes cannot be used to purchase egift cards. Although the site allows you to go through the checkout process, a code for the egift card will not generate if a code is used to purchase it. To make it fair for all buyers, sales dates are not released in advance if a buyer emails and request that information. If you want to know when a sale starts, sign up to get email notification so that you don't miss any.
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  • What happens if I miss a sale?
    If you miss the deadline of a sale, we do NOT extend or reactive the sale. All sales opportunities are on time limits and they expire. There will be plenty of sales in the future. If you want to know when a sale starts, sign up to get email notification so that you don't miss any.
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  • Will you be adding upcoming Hallmark movies?
    All movies that air on hallmark get added to this site. They typically are added a week or two after they air. If a movie has aired and it has been over 3 weeks since it's original air date, then then feel free to ask about it on the following business day. However, we ask that you do not ask about them prior to their air date or the 3 week mark, because the answer is always yes. We just ask for your patience. For all other networks, please use the request page.
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  • What is the email Response timing?
    We do our best to reply to emails as soon as possible. But please understand, our first priority is getting everyone's orders shipped before postal hours end. Repeatedly sending the same message will NOT result in a quicker response. Please allow 24 hours for a chance to respond.
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  • Can I make request for movies/shows?
    Yes, you can make request through our request forum. The link is - But please understand, although I will try my best to get your request, I cannot guarantee that I can get every movie requested. Buyers cannot make request during a sale and expect it to be available for that sale. Sales are the busiest time so we have to focus on selling what's already available. It is better to make your request in advance and wait for a sale if you're looking for a discount. ***PLEASE NOTE: If it's only been 2 weeks or less from the air date of a movie, please do NOT ask when or if it will be available. We need time to put together and evaluate our products. So please be patient, considerate, and do NOT list it on the request page until a reasonable amount of time has passed.
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  • How do I see my order history/status?
    To see your order history, do the following steps: 1. Log onto 2. At the top, click "My Account" 3. Click "click here to go to your account" 4. Next click the tab that says "order" and it will show you your order history. If the status says "In Progress" then your order is in the process of being logged in our machines so the items ordered can be added to the queue. If the status says "complete" then your payment process has been completed and your order has successfully been added to the queue for our machines to create. (It does NOT mean your order is packed up and ready to go out. Sometimes during the packing process we discover adjustments that need to be made so it's not considered complete until you receive your shipping email) If the status says "shipped", that means your order is complete and you can click "view" for that order and find the track information at the bottom of the page or fine the tracking email sent to your email.
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  • I have more than one order. Can I combine my shipments?
    We can combine shipments; however, orders are handled by different workers and cannot be guaranteed. If you want the orders combine, with the intent of saving money on the shipping fee, we request that you cancel the orders and reorder them together. Buyers cannot cancel their own orders, so please contact us to make the cancellation. Once cancelled, buyers can go to their order history and select "re-order" so they do not have to search for all the items again.
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  • When will my order ship out? When will my order arrive?
    Policy Effective April 2019: We are unable to answer emails asking where is my order or how long will it take for my order to arrive. Timing and status varies based on the items ordered. Please use the online tools provided for you to check your order status along with the tracking information. You can also use the tracking information emailed to you from If you have not received tracking information after 14 days or the order status says "in progress" for 14+ days from the date of modification (not from the day the order was made), then you can email us requesting a tracking information or information on the cause of the delay. For international orders, we are never able to provide time estimate because we do not have access to tracking once it leaves the USA, unless you register you package. Register shipments, allow buyers to be able to track it inside and outside of the USA, along with having a faster shipping process.
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  • Do I need to create an account before purchasing?
    Yes, you need to create an account before making a purchase. Our site does not allow guest checkouts.
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  • I keep getting the error message "Email address is not valid or is already in use"
    This means you've started to create a profile but it was left incomplete and is inaccessable because it doesn't have a password assigned to it yet. This typically happens when you check out for the first time, but your check out is unsuccessful. The reccomended thing to do is to create a profile BEFORE your first checkout. However, if you end up in this situation and want to use a specific email address, please contact mediafind5 by email to assign a password to the incomplete profile.
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  • There are a bunch of items in my cart that I'm not ready to purchase. What do I do?
    MediaFind5 has no access to what's in a buyer cart. Only a buyer can clear their cart. We can only view orders that are paid for. If you want to get rid of items, you must individually "x" them off the list. If you want to purchase the items at another time, you can add them to your wishlist.
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  • How do I add items to a list to purchase later?
    If you click on a product, it will show an "add to wishlist" button below any product descriptions. You can access this list by logging into your account, going to the account information, and viewing the "wishlist" tab.
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  • What is your Holiday & Weekends policy?
    Buyers are always allowed to order. However, orders generally get shipped Monday-Friday and we do not shipped on holidays. The same applies for emails - we will contact you back as soon as possible, but Weekends and holidays are highly unlikely for times of contact.
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